Post Privacy

Delikatessenhaus Leipzig, 2014

archival pigment prints, laser prints, video projection, photo collage on overhead projector, wood, plexiglas

For the Delikatessenhaus I have developed an installation that fragmentarily refers to construction projects whose basis is transparency. Transparency as a myth of Postmodernism is experienced as a recurrence in the second Modernity. The material glass is attributed magical properties. Its main characteristic, transparency, became the the way that glass in a building acted as a symbol of the open attitude of its maker. However, the notion of transparency is gradually being replaced by the phenomenon of opacity. Glass appears transparent only under certain lighting conditions, and so in contrast, this transmittance of transparent light in turn creates darkness and opacity. The resulting quality of alienation, similar to the eerie effects of reflections, has already been written about by authors of romance. The architect neither allows us to stop upon the surface, nor the ability to penetrate it. In this installation I implement references from construction, such as the idea of deconstructivism to create artificial ruins, while exploiting the vocabulary of a building. By overlapping and nesting fragments of space I invent new spaces and illusions. What is recognizable remains as hints, atmospheres, and remarks.