Quartier du mort homme

Thermen am Viehmarkt, Trier, 2013

photography on fabric, 1686 x 300 cm, 2 – channel video projection

The installation Quartier du mort homme is based on the practice of investigation; investigation of the history of two sites in Trier: Thermen am Viehmarkt, the ancient Roman bath house, and Jägerkaserne, the military barracks that were recently torn down. The barracks were briefly used by the American Armed Forces, by the French between 1920 and 1930, then by the German, the Belgian, and again the French Armed Forces. Existing architectural structures are examined and trasnformed through various media, placing the real exhibition space in dialogue with the layers of everyday experience and imaginary projections. Transparency and mystery are set in a riveting discourse without beginning of end, as always in media res.