Paradise Shores, Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, Bad Ems
Remix Vol. 1.1, Site-specific Installation
Laser prints, 2 video-projections, sound, furniture, mirrorfoil, c-print, spray paint, feather, books

Paradise Shores is a dialogue between three works: my own installation, that of Patricia Lambertus on the opposite side of the room, and DJ Markus Krieg, who played music in response to the two installations on opening night. In both form and content, there are several shared points of reference among the works. Remix Vol 1.1 combines historical references from the town of Bad Ems with military barracks in a nearby town and aspects of electronic music, and locates itself within the architectural structure of Schloss Balmoral, that served as the artists’ home during the residency. In addition, the light setting of the video changes every 40 seconds, turning the room into new orientations, affecting both the whole environment and the individual elements of the installation.